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The ability to offer high-tech and cost effective formulations being the cornerstone to Micromix’s customer success.

Development is focused on maximising product performance taking into account:

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  • Cuticle penetration and leaf uptake
  • Mobility and translocation within the plant
  • Long term storage stability
  • Mixing, miscibility or dissolution in spray water
  • Compatibility with other products in the sprayer
  • Ability to cover the leaf surface
  • Adhesion and rainfastness
  • Registration requirements.

To satisfy the above criteria a number of individual formulation components have been developed. Many components are plant extracts, and where possible natural materials are employed to propogate bio-mimicry and increase efficiency.

Our unique advanced formulation technologies create products with lower application rates than competitor products, yet yield higher tissue levels and greater persistence.



Micromix has the facility to produce Liquids, Soluble Powders and Dry Flowable products formulated to clients specification or to a formula specifically designed by Micromix’s in-house Research and Development team. At our production and packaging plant near Nottingham in the UK, we have the flexibility and capability to produce, sort, label, and repack bespoke chemical products into containers of whatever required size.

The flexible packaging facilities and versatile workforce at Micromix, means that we are capable of undertaking bespoke repackaging operations for liquid, powder or granular products.

Today we offer three levels of services:

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- Production and packing of Micromix branded Products

Micromix products are now in demand in many markets worldwide. If you are interested in becoming one of our distributors. 

See our Products or contact us for more information.

- Production and packing of Customer own-brand (private brand)

Micromix can produce and pack its products under private/own label brand where and where appropriate.

- Design, development, production and packing of custom formulations

  1. Do you have an existing wishlist for specific products?
  2. Does our product not exactly fit your local registration requirements?
  3. Is there an agricultural challenge you would like us to look into?
  4. Are you looking for an improved version of your existing products?

Micromix in 30 years has developed and tested more than 300 formulations, our rich library of products may be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. If not, as problem solvers at Micromix, we enjoy the challenge of overcoming new isuues in agriculture, and our customers can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the development of custom formulations. Whether you need a complete new formula or an adaptation of an existing product, Micromix look forward to being of service now and in the future.

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