Anchor is an adjuvant which is designed to improve the retention of fertilisers and pesticides in the upper soil layer. It reduces migration of sprayed materials under high rain fall, and enhances their availability under dry soil conditions. Anchor can be used with all soil applied liquid fertilisers and herbicides.

Anchor is a combination of highly refined paraffinic hydrocarbons, low environmental impact emulsifiers and block co-polymers.


  • Anchors facilitates penetration into the upper soil surface evenly and effectively.
  • Crop safetening effect - keeping the herbicide in the upper part of the soil profile where it cannot damage the crop seedling roots,
  • Many spray applications rely on the even and persistent soil residual effects of nutrients and other products.
  • Often rain will leach these materials deeper into the soil reducing efficacy
  • Anchor produces even deposition penetrating the soil surface quickly to reduce losses due to volatilisation or photo-degradation and slows losses from flushing deeper.
  • Fixes the fertilisesrs and herbicides in the top 3cm of the soil, which is where they will bemost active.
  • Anchor has been shown to also be effective under very dry conditions.

Product Specs:


Pale tan liquid

Typical analysis:

Paraffinic oil 730 g/L
Alchohol ethoxylate < 5%
Ethane 1, 2
Diol < 5%
Block copolymer (sticking agent) 25% approx

Application rates:

Autumn / winter use: 0.2 L/ha
Spring use: 0.3 to 0.4 L/ha.