MONSOON is a blend of medium and low solubility surfactants. It is derived from Alkyl Poly-Glycoside with environmentally friendly dipropionates, glycol and siloxanes to provide safe and effective results with foliar feeds, micronutrients, and their tank mix partners. This triple mode of action gives full leaf coverage, combined with leaf retention to prevent run-off, optimising and promoting leaf penetration. It can also be used with desiccants in non-crop situations to improve coverage and beat leaf wax. Contains anti-foam.

Developed with respect for the environment, MONSOON is fully biodegradable in the soil profile and is guaranteed not to harm beneficial soil microbes.


• Improves spray coverage even of the waxiest of leaves
• Superior contact with the target
• Penetration of waxy leaves
• Improved uptake of nutrients or desiccants
• Local registration may be required for use with pesticides

Product Specs:


Translucent yellow liquid


Dipropionate (anionic surfactant)

Application rates:

Normal Conditions:

For use with foliar feeds and micronutrients. Where an improvement in spread and uptake required under normal spraying conditions, use MONSOON at a rate to give 0.2% dilution in the final spraying water volume.

For use with desiccants:
Use MONSOON at a rate to give 0.5% dilution in the final spraying water volume.