PROBE is an acidifying surfactant which should be used where the addition of a wetter and penetrant would improve foliar absorption of nutrients (with or without pesticides) and recommendations exist for such mixtures. It also reduces the pH of alkaline spraying water improving penetration of all materials prone to alkaline hydrolysis and benefiting from acidification. For use with all pesticides where a non-ionic wetter is recommended.


  • Improved foliar absorption of nutrients
  • Reduction of pH of alkaline spraying water
  • Surfactant reduces surface tension aiding coverage
  • Local registration may be required for use with pesticides

Product Specs:


Clear liquid


Propionic Acid and Alkylphenyl Hydroxypolyoxyethylene

Application rates:

Normal Conditions:

Where an improvement in spread and uptake under normal spraying conditions is required, use PROBE at a rate to give 0.5% dilution in the final spraying water volume.

Water pH reduction:

Where alkaline spraying water needs to be acidified, use PROBE at a rate to give 0.1% dilution in the final water volume.