Reactor is a water conditioner that both acidifies and softens spray water.

The performance of some agrochemicals and foliar applied fertilisers is impeded when mixed in water which is either Alkaline, Hard, Brackish, or contaminated with insoluble deposits. Many farms are forced to use sources of water which are either of high pH (over 7.0) or are hard, containing significant levels of Calcium, Magnesium or Bicarbonate ions.

Many pesticides are prone to alkaline hydrolysis (not only Glyphosate) , but often it is the combined effect of hard water with alkaline pH that compromises the performance of pesticide applications; insecticides, plant growth regulators, herbicides and fungicides.

Reactor is the insurance policy that ensures pesticides are not impeded by water quality. In many situations, the extremely powerful buffering action of Reactor will make it the product of choice for preserving a set pH level in nutrient solutions and cleansing solutions with greater persistence than alternative materials.


Reactor is a water conditioner containing:

  • A reliable and effective water softener
  • A sequestering agent to isolate cationic contaminants
  • Buffering agents to improve tank-mix compatibility
  • Complexed acidifiers to reduce pH and guard against pesticide hydrolysis
  • Can be formulated with pH indicaror dye

Product Specs:


Clear or Orange liquid (when including indicator dye)


Citric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hexa-meta-phosphate with surfactants.
Can be formulated with pH indicator dye.

Application rates:

Soft water: 25 ml per 100 litres
Medium – Hard water: 75 ml per 100 litres
Hard water: 100 ml + per 100 litres