Rondo Turbo

Rondo Turbo is a highly concentrated combination of liquid ammonium sulphate based water and plant conditioner with acid buffers, water softening agents, safeners, anti-foam and surfactants designed specifically to reduce the impact of hard water and aid in the uptake of agrochemicals and to prevent the adverse effects of free metallic cations and bi-carbonate ions.


  • Rondo Turbo combines the benefits of ammonium sulphate with the acidifyng and softening effects of Reactor.
  • Can be used in hard water areas to maintain pesticide efficacy.
  • May be used with a wide variety of pesticides to prevent spray water interfering with their activity

Product Specs:


Clear Liquid


contains acid buffers, water softeners, surfactant and anti-foam, 200g/l Ammonium Sulphate

Application rates:

Use Rondo Turbo at a rate of 0.4% w/v of the total spray solution.