Amino Gold XL

An organic liquid biostimulant containing 20% amino acids plus naturally derived sugars.

The Natural plant derived Amino acids this product contains are obtained by a particularly efficient extraction technology in order to preserve the biological activity of the active ingredients. All naturally occurring bioactive compounds were processed from natural crude plant extracts after extraction and fractionation.


Typical benefits of using Amino Gold XL:


  • High concentration of naturally plant derived amino acids
  • Suitable for foliar and soil application.
  • Stimulates natural plant defense against pathogens
  • Provokes root growth enhancement
  • Stimulates fruit set during stress conditions
  • Organic approved product by OF&G


Product Specs:


Dark brown liquid

Typical Analysis:

Total Amino Acids : 20.3 %

Free Amino Acids : 13.9 %

Nitrogen : 8.0 % 

Betaine : 9.0 %  

Application rates:

Pome fruit:  1.5L/ ha at full flowering, 1L/ ha at fruit set, 1L/ ha before fruit drop, 1.5L/ ha at pre-harvest

Stone fruit: 1.5L/ ha at start of flowering, 1.5L/ ha at petal fall, 2L/ ha after first fruit fall

Strawberries:  1.5L/ ha, 3 times at early spring growth, flowering, fruit set

Banana, Pineapple, Mango:  In the field nursery and at planting: root application for promoting rapid root development 10L/ ha

Olive:  4 times 1.5L/ ha before bloom, period of fruit set and at pit harding

Citrus: Soon after planting 3 × 1.5L/ ha

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers: 4 sprays with 125 ml/100 l starting with first bloom

Carrots, Onions, Leeks: 4 sprays with 1.5L/ ha starting 2 weeks after emergence, repeat in fortnight intervals

Brassicas:  3 sprays with 1.5L/ ha starting at 4 – 6 leaf stage, 14 days later and at head formation

Asparagus: 2 sprays with 2 l/ha at 14 days after harvest. Repeat after 3 weeks

Melons: 3 times 1.5L/ ha shortly before bloom, at fruit set and fruit enlargement


Furrow irrigation: 7 – 12L/ ha/irrigation; applied with 3 – 4 irrigations

Drip irrigation: 5 – 10L/ ha/irrigation; applied with 3 – 4 irrigations