Carboplex was designed specifically for Brix building in plants but also boosts poorly performing plants. It increases sugar content (Brix building) by stimulating the crop to convert carbohydrate to sugar.

Carboplex is a smart combination of naturally occurring biostimulant materials designed specifically for brix building in plants. The mechanism of Carboplex is the stimulation of a complex network of processes associated with energy transfer:

  • Provides plant sugars and nutrients in a form the plant can utilise
  • Provides a package of known leaf penetrants and stimulants
  • Provides a package of known transport aids and vascular stimulants
  • Provides a package of known enzymatic support agents to stimulate assimilation of the applied sugars

Carboplex is a combination of naturally occurring biostimulant materials including seaweed extract and fermented plant materials which are rich in alginates, laminarin, flucoidan, organic chelating agents, sugars, amino acids, polyphenolic anti- oxidants, polypeptides, vitamins A, B1, C and E as well as naturally occurring Cytokinins. Trace elements are also present to ensure availability to the plant and rapid uptake. The biostimulant package enhances the vegetative development of the plant and its subsequent growth. It is ideal for increasing fruit and flower number and will increase Brix levels. It is suitable for use on all plants, especially flowering and fruit species.

Carboplex can be used on all crops from sugar beet to fruit and vegetables, grapes, vineyards etc.

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  • Increases conversion of carbohydrates into sugar
  • Rapidly increases BRIX levels
  • Increases blossom/flower number and quality
  • Improves earliness and colour development in fruit
  • Increases fruit size and number
  • Improves storability and shelf- life
  • Helps reduce alternate bearing syndrome in tree crops in programme with Multi- N and Proplex
  • Boosts growth and recovery in poorly performing plants
  • Sucking insects attack low brix plants first
  • Can reduce susceptibility to saphrophitic moulds

Product Specs:


Dark brown liquid

Typical analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) : 21.6 g/L
Phosphorus (P) : 1.0 g/L
Potassium (K) : 8 g/L
Magnesium (MgO) : 0.3 g/L
Sulphur (as SO3) : 11.5 g/L
Seaweed Extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum) : 71.4 g/L 
Total Amino Acids : 78.8 g/L
Trace Elements : TRACE
Cytokinin : 0.05 g/L


Application rates:

1 to 2 litres per hectare depending on the crop and timing.