Optiphite GP

Optiphite GP is a high phosphite loading product that includes significant levels of the L-Amino Acids Glutamine and Proline, plus the unique AMIX humic- lignate complex formulation technology. It is a unique NPK plus chelated Zinc and Manganese product. This is a clearly superior formulation delivering a high concentration of the desirable elements in a very soluble, rapidly absorbed and readily- translocatable form along with the benefits of phosphorous acid and key micronutrients.

The formulation utilises highly soluble raw materials without chlorides in a high concentration and is a very flexible product. It offers all the compatibility and effectiveness benefits of a complexed/chelated product with the instant response and mobility within the plant of a foliar feed solution. This unique formulation also delivers Phosphite ions and key amino acids to reinforce plant health.

Optiphite GP can be used from the 3 leaf stage to improve seedling health and development, and during the reproductive phase to reinforce the plant strengthening effect.


  • It delivers enhanced root and seedling development from the high phosphite/phosphonate content.
  • It delivers improved seedling disease resistance through the high phosphite/phosphonate content.
  • The L- Amino acids have been shown to improve rooting and enhance the phosphite activity in improving root development.
  • The AMIX formulation provides enhanced uptake at the leaf surface and increased mobility of nutrients within the plant.
  • Greatly improved speed of leaf uptake at lower pH’s
  • Greater compatibility with pesticides

Product Specs:


Brown Liquid

Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen (NH4) : 32g/L
Phosphate (P2O5) : 315g/L
Potash (K2O) : 75g/L
L- Proline, L- Glutamine and other beneficial amino acids: Trace
Humic and Fulvic acids : Trace
Chelated Manganese and Zinc: Trace

Application rates:

0.5 to 2.0 Litres per hectare