Foliea P

Foliea-P is a high phosphorous foliar fertiliser designed for rapid uptake by the plant, when soil Phosphorous is not available to the crop, due to lock up in the soil at critical rapid growth stages. Formulated using ACIDPlex technology for fast dissolving, uptake and assimilation by the crop.
ACIDPlex technology also guarantees easy mixing and enhanced compatibility in tank-mixes. Foliea P is designed specifically for boosting poorly performing plants. The full range of field crops, vegetables, fruit and ornamentals may be treated. All edible crops can be treated right up until harvest.


  • Rapid dissolving, uptake and assimilation by the crop
  • Spray solution acidified to an enhance uptake and compatibility
  • AcidPlex provides water conditioning to overcome hard water problems
  • It has been demonstrated that 4 kg/ha can effectively replace 60kg/ha of soil applied phosphate
  • Even in the absence of deficiency Foliea P can enhance crop health and development
  • Proven to increase tuber numbers when applied at tuber initiation in potatoes

Product Specs:


Light tan powder

Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen (N) 100 g/Kg
Phosphorus (P2O) 550 g/Kg
Potassium (K2O) 30g/Kg
Manganese (Mn) 10 g/Kg
Zinc (Zn) 10 g/Kg

Application rates:

Programme dose: 1-2 kg/ha
Preventative dose: 2-3 kg/ha
Phosphorus deficiency or in cases if high demand: 4 kg/ha