Multi N

Multi N is a cutting-edge unique foliar applied nitrogen fertiliser formulated by complexing Urea with Ammonium Thiosulphate, combining low scorch nitrogen with the most Bio available form of Sulphur. It is safened by a proprietary formulation of binding agents and surfactants to provide an instant boost of nitrate and increase protein, as well as slower released nitrogen, perfect for application on the leaf and to satisfy every need of the crop. 

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  • A unique formula for full absorption within 45 minutes, without scorching even at high rates
  • Independantly measured at 85% plus nitrogen usage efficiency. Soil applied fertilisers struggle to do better than 55% efficiency
  • Perfect combination of humectants, surfactants and spray retention agents which is uniquely optimised for foliar application and for eliminating ammonia volatilisation (no scorch)
  • Urea thiosulphate form inhibiting nitrification
  • Multiple forms of Nitrogen to satisfy every need of the crop, in wheat trials 35% less total nitrogen needed
  • An extra sulphur boost in a rapidly biologically available form
  • Can be adapted to local registration requirements

Product Specs:


Thick bronze liquid

Typical analysis:

Nitrogen (N) : 330 g/L
     Ureic N : 158g/L
     Ammoniacal N : 111g/L
     Nitrate N : 65g/L
Sulphur (SO3) : 250 g/L

Application rates:

Rates from as little as 3L/ha are effective for use on young plants at the 3 Leaf stage. During vegetative growth and before the leaf canopy offers ground cover, no more than 40L /ha is recommended. During the reproductive phase of growth, higher rates up to 150L/ha may be used.

The amount required will depend on the overall Nitrogen fertilisation regime and the growing conditions. For enhanced oil content in OSR/Canola use 50 Litres per hectare at Petal fall.