AMIX Bioman is a combined Manganese micronutrient and biostimulant product based on the tried and tested AMIX manganese formulation. AMIX BioMan has consistently produced yield responses in the absence of any crop deficiencies over many seasons and in many countries. It has a lower application rate than many comparative manganese formulations due to its ability to achieve active uptake at the leaf surface (NTU Research 2015) and greater (possibly unique) ability to translocate to the growing point where it is really needed (Levington Research, tomatoes).
The addition of plant extract amino acids; rich in L-Proline and L-Glutamine from fermented plant material (sugar cane grown almost organically), was first tested by UK farmers in 2015. It has moved an already technically advanced and efficient formulation type (AMIX) to a new level of effective performance, producing plant health, yield and quality increases from a micronutrient product.


  • Use at rate as low as 0.5 L/ha help crops resist winter kill and improves early growth in the spring

  • AMIX BioMan has proved effective at lower temperatures

  • It is absorbed into the leaf within minutes by active uptake; not passive diffusion

  • It has a lower application rate compared to less sophisticated products due to its incredibly high efficiency of uptake and translocation

  • It has excellent compatibility in tank-mix

  • It will benefit other tank-mix partners improving performance; fungicides etc. through plant strengthening

Product Specs:


Dark brown Liquid

Typical Analysis: 

Manganese (Mn): 150 g/L

Sulphur (S): 232 g/L (SO3 equivalent)

Amino Acids (AA): 20 g/L (Natural fermentation plant extracts)

Humic and Fulvic acids (Soluble): < 10 g/L (mproves active nutrient uptake)

Magnesium (Mg): 20 g/L (MgO equivalent)

Application rates:

Application rate is proportional to crop biomass:

Seedling to young plant: 0.5 L/ha

Late vegetative stage: 0.75 L/ha

From stem elongation / reproductive stage: 0.75 to 1.0 L/ha

Mature high biomass crops and root crops: 1.50 to 2.0 L/ha