AMIX Essential

AMIX Essential Grassland Complex is a unique blend of vital trace elements essential for animal health and complexed with lignated humic acids and adjuvants for rapid and effective leaf uptake. It is very effective at raising the level within forage crops of these elements that are essential for the health and fecundity of the animals consuming the treated forage crops. 
AMIX Essential is available as a concentrate for treating grazing pasture, conservation crops prior to harvest, or in a ready-to-use (RTU) formulation for application on the forage harvester


  • May be applied at reduced rate to grass for grazing, or at higher rates on grass to be cut for sillage or hay

  • Unique formulation fully absorbed in 20 minutes

  • Animals fed on treated crops make bigger weight gains than from lower amounts of food consumed

  • Ensures that every mouth full of food contains a balanced nutrient diet

  • Reduces competitive feeding (alpha animals can not dominate)

Product Specs:


Brown Liquid

Typical Analysis:

Cobalt (Co) 0.8 g/L 

Selenium (Se) 0.46 g/L

Copper (Cu) 10 g/L

Zn (Zn) 50 g/L

Iodine (I) 3 g/L

Application rates:

2.5 to 5 litres per hectare or 3 litres per ton with RTU formulations