AMIX Iron is a unique complexed Iron Formulation designed to rapidly correct iron deficiencies within plants. Iron deficiencies can lead to problems with chlorophyll and enzyme production. The foliar absorbed action means that Iron deficiencies are corrected rapidly with virtually no leaching losses giving a swift effective and economical solution to micronutrient management.
Unlike other AMIX products, translocation is poor and good leaf coverage is required


  • Promotes active uptake into the crop –unlike most trace elements that rely on passive absorption (request presentation for full details)

  • Low application rates –economical to use

  • Improved activity in low temperatures–can be used earlier in the spring

  • Adjuvant effect improves pesticide efficacy e.g. fungicides

  • Reliable in all conditions

  • Crop safe -reduced leaf scorch

Product Specs:


Dark brown Liquid

Typical Analysis:

Iron (Fe) : 50g/L

Application rates:

2 to 20 Litres per Hectare