AMIX Zinc is a concentrated foliar nutrient solution formulated to contain certain elements beneficial to plant growth, crop development, crop quality and yield when applied as a properly timed foliar spray or seed treatment. AMIX Zinc is intended to be used as a foliar treatment in crop production programmes. It will generate Yield increases even in the absence of deficiency symptoms


  • Promotes active uptake into the crop –unlike most trace elements that rely on passive absorption (request presentation for full details)

  • Low application rates –economical to use

  • Improved activity in low temperatures–can be used earlier in the spring

  • Adjuvant effect improves pesticide efficacy e.g. fungicides

  • Reliable in all conditions

  • Crop safe -reduced leaf scorch

  • Application to ratoons at planting sugarcane produces exceptional responses

Product Specs:


Dark brown Liquid

Typical Analysis:

Zinc (Zn) : 120 g/L

Sulphur (S) : 60 g/L

Application rates:

1-2 Litres per Hectare