BroadAcre Boron

BroadAcre Boron is specifically formulated using the unique ACIDplex technology for easy mixing, enhanced compatibility and efficiency of uptake. Using BroadAcre Boron will also improve spraying water quality. 

Most liquid Boron products are formulated from Boric Acid + Ethanolamine producing a Boron Ethanolamine liquid complex which has a high pH, and so is not suitable for tank-mixing with any actives sensitive to alkaline hydrolysis, Ethanolamine formulations of Boron will also suffer with less efficient leaf absorption. 

Solid Boron products based on disodium octaborate are normally very slow to dissolve and also produce a high pH around 9.0 – 9.5 which is unsuitable for a wide variety of fungicide and insecticide tank-mixes. 

Micromix has solved this issue using our unique ACIDplex technology to complex disodium octaborate, resulting in a product rich in Boron, which dissolves VERY rapidly, creates a neutral to acidic spray water pH and can be tank-mixed with most pesticides. This formulation type utilises carboxylic acids with ligno-polycarboxylates and EDTA to create a more efficient and tank-mix friendly formulation (when compared with alternative Boron formulations), which is rapidly and easily absorbed by the crop and at affordable cost. 


  • Unique non-alkaline Boron product

  • Compatible with fungicides and insecticides

  • Quickly absorbed with increased persistence

  • Cost-effective

  • Rapid dissolving dust-free powder

  • Easy to use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Excellent compatibility 

  • Low pH, aiding penetration

Product Specs:


Light tan neutral powder 

Typical Analysis: 

Boron (B) 190 g/kg

Application rates:

Maintenance rate: 1.5 k/ha

Moderate deficiency: 3.0kg/ha

Severe deficiency: 3.0kg/ha repeated