CaBor is a Calcium Boron liquid for foliar or soil application. The product was conceived to help overcome Calcium deficiency in root crops where it worked well but also has been used on oil seed rape, leaf brassica and both top and soft fruit crops.


  • Suitable for use at all crop timings
  • Compatible with all pesticides tested so far
  • Always to be used as part of a programmed approach
  • Increases robustness of treated plants
  • Preferable to calcium applications alone in most situations

Product Specs:


Dark brown liquid

Typical analysis:

Calcium (CaO) : 154g/l
Boron (B) : 15g/l

Application rates:

1 to 5 litres per hectare
Use a minimum of 5 litres per hectare in the potatoe crop before haulm meets along the row.