CalBorMag was designed for the prevention and cure of deficiencies to calcium, zinc and boron in all crops.

CalBorMag is designed as a foliar spray to reduce localized ethylene production within the plant. It will also guard against calcium replacement in cell walls. If used at regular intervals, CalBorMag will increase fruit, boll, pod, or bud set. When used as recommended, CalBorMag will reduce internal damage to storage tissue.


  • Very effective in fruit, shrub and tree crops
  • Good tank mix ability
  • Accepted by large fruit producers and processors
  • Increases crop robustness
  • Helps maintain crop health

Product Specs:


Pale brown liquid

Typical analysis:

Nitrogen (N) : 101 g/L
Calcium (Ca0) : 103 g/L
Magnesium (Mg0) : 50 g/L
Zinc (Zn) : 10 g/L
Boron (B) : 5 g/L

Application rates:

5 to 9 litres per hectare depending on deficiency and repeatability