AGROSEAL has multiple uses. It is recommended to reduce pod shatter in Oilseed Rape crops, reduce sprouting when applied to the ears of cereal crops and to make foliar nutrient applications rain fast.

AgroSeal is a product based on synthetic latex polymers with an advanced plant-friendly surfactant which will help prevent seed loss to pod crops before and during harvest. The surfactant used in AgroSeal is an environmentally friendly and a rapidly biodegradable film-promoting agent which helps create the even latex film on the pods.

The film allows water vapour out without slowing the ripening process. The film once formed prevents the re-wetting due to rain or dew-fall that would cause the pods to shrink, open and release seed. For optimum effect apply while pods are still green and bendy before seeds are black and hard.

AgroSeal is physically compatible with glyphosate desiccants used at this timing. Cereal grain may be prone to sprouting in the ear when harvest is delayed due to rain, AgroSeal if applied during grain ripening will allow the grain to dry and help prevent re-wetting to reduce sprouting.

AgroSeal may also be used with foliar applications of micronutrients, biostimulants and foliar feeds, to improve initial uptake and prevent leaching from the leaf due to rain after spraying. It is not advisable to apply it to the consumable leaf parts of food crops more than four weeks prior to harvest. AgroSeal is physically compatible with most commonly used agrochemicals. Always test first.


  • Reduces pod shatter in Oilseed Rape crops
  • Reduce sprouting when applied to the ears of suceptible cereal crops
  • Make foliar nutrient applications rain fast.

Product Specs:


Thick Milky Liquid


450g/l synthetic latex & 100g/l amphoteric dipropionate surfactant.

Application rates:

Oilseed Rape For the prevention of Pod Shatter: Use 1.0L/Ha in a Minimum of 200L water/ha, 300L is advised for thicker crops.
Cereals for the reduction of sprouting from cereal grain ripening: Use 0.5L/Ha in between 100 to 150L/Ha water.
General crops to make foliar feed applications rainfast in 40 minutes: Use 0.2L/Ha in 150 to 200L/Ha of water.