Probio TP

ProBio TP has been developed as a potato seed treatment. It is a soluble powder formulation based on high grade MAP and Ammonium Sulphate with Humic and Fulvic acids combined with phosphate solubilising bacteria to promote growth. It contains Zinc Sulphate for rapid availability and Zinc Oxide which becomes available later in the growth cycle.

ProBio TP will maximise early root development and maximise plant health, skin finish and survival by improving nutrient uptake and continuing to deliver Zinc to the root zone well into the growing season. The Phosphate solubilising bacteria will optimise the phosphate available to the crop and ensure as little is left following harvest as possible. ProBio TP contains N and P with vital trace elements; Zinc, Magnesium; Humic acids; and the powerful activity of Phosphorous solubilising bacteria.


  • Phosphates boost root development and overall energy levels, improving all aspects of early health and development. Potatoes are particularly shy at taking up available phosphates and it has been readily shown that the more Phosphate that is available, the more is taken up by the potato crop, leading to maximum yield and quality.
  • The phosphate solubilising bacteria in ProBio TP are all derived from natural soil cultures and refined to generate the maximum response during crop establishment through to bulking-up.
  • The humic acid content improves the plants ability to metabolise these nutrients.
  • Zinc is well known to support seedling health and development in many crops, and potatoes grown in Zinc-rich soils produce good skin finish.
  • Magnesium is not always readily available during crop establishment.
  • Zinc in the Sulphate form is quickly available and as the Oxide becomes available later in the life of the crop.
  • The high population of the PSB will discourage and compete with any potentially pathogenic bacteria that may be in the root zone during early growth.

Product Specs:



Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen (N) : 80g/kg (All Ammoniacal)
Phosphorous (P) : 320g/kg (P205 equivalent all as Phosphate)
Sulphur (S) : 120g/kg (So3 equivalent)
Zinc (Zn) : 50g/kg (OxySulphate)
Magnesium (Mg) : 6g/kg (as Mgo)
Humic acids (soluble) : 10g/kg (Improves nutrient uptake and seedling health)
20 Billion CFU/kg of phosphate solubilising bacteria (PSB), including Pantoea agglomerans strain (P5),
Microbacterium laevaniformans strain (P7) and Pseudononas putida strain (P13).

Application rates:

Use 2kg/Ton of potato seeds