All products in the BroadAcre range are specifically formulated using the unique ACIDplex technology for easy mixing, enhanced compatibility and efficiency of uptake.

How does AcidPlex work?

  • 2-hydroxy-1,2,3,-propane tricarboxylic acid acts to acidify, and complex the soluble metals and this together with powerful ligno-complexing materials, adjuvants and EDTA’s creates the unique ACIDplex formulation.
  • pH reduced to aid penetration, solubility and compatibility.
  • Technically superior performance to "Basic" products
  • Improved compatibility over "Basic" products

ACIDplex Formulation Features and Benefits:

1. Added Complexing agents

  • Excellent compatibility.
  • Reduction in tank-mix scorch.
  • Complexing agents act as wetting and spreading agents.

2. Organic complexing agents and acidifiers

  • Further complexes nutrient, leading to improved compatibility
  • Reduces pH of spraying water so maximising nutrient uptake and maintains activity of tank mix partners due to reduced pesticide hydrolysis.
  • Rate of solubility improved. Mixing and filling times reduced. Water ‘softeners’
  • Remove unwanted ions from the spraying water (ie. Mg, Ca and bicarbonate) leading to improvements in mixing, compatibility and efficiency of uptake of nutrients. Maximises pesticide performance.

3. High levels of nutrient

  • Savings on packaging disposal, handling, storage and transport (Green and mean)
  • Cost effective per hectare.