AMIX Active Uptake Complex

Micromix’s proprietary AMIX Active Uptake Complex is based on the unique complexation of Humic and Fulvic acids with lignin salts to produce a low pH formulation that does not compromise the solubility of the Humic content. The AMIX Complex works with all divalent metallic cations to generate active uptake at the leaf surface (as opposed to passive) and has proven to consistently generate yield responses even in the absence of any measurable deficiency.



An active cation uptake system

The leaf naturally has a positive charge at its surface and a negative one inside.

  1. When AMIX technology hits the leaf, an electrical gradient is created, and the positive charge on the leaf surface moves to the top of the droplet.
  2. Because we are increasing the distance between the positive charge on the outside and the negative charge inside the leaf, the electrical potential difference is increased.
  3. So, the positively charged metal ions in the product are repelled by the stronger ones at the top of the droplet and strongly attracted by the negative ones into the leaf.


A polysaccharide access route to the leaf’s heart

Getting a product through leaf wax is a challenge and most foliar micronutrients are just gradually absorbed overtime through the gaps, crevices and fault areas of the leaf. Leaf wax contains stripes of polysaccharides running through the surface into the epidermis and the trichomes are embedded in foundations of polysaccharides that pass through the surface into the interior.

Trichomes are sited to protect areas where the phloem is loading. It is this polysaccharide (bed and striations) that AMIX uses as the access route into the leaf.

Polysaccharides are like a hard sponge that can absorb water. The product soaks trough the polysaccharide bed and stripes from the leaf surface into the leaf structure.

As the solution is absorbed into the polysaccharides, then the positively charged ions in the solution are attracted by the negative charges in the centre of the leaf.


Using bio-mimicry to fool the plant

AMIX contains natural Leonardite-derived Humic and Fulvic biostimulants, complexed with lignin salts in a unique way that does not compromise the solubility of the Humic content at lower pH’s. The humic content therefore stays soluble:

 1. Fools the plant into thinking the entire solution is natural.

2. Coercing it to admit the AMIX solution of metal ions into the phloem.

3. And thence to the growing points.

Allowing both Humic and Fulvic acids to fully express their biostimulant effect.

Humic acids increase the plants capacity to uptake and mobilise nutrients.

Fulvic acids make the cell membranes more permeable and therefore the mobilisation of nutrients more efficient.




An active uptake instead of a passive diffusion

For an active uptake a smaller molecular weight is better.

With the Humic-Lignate complex, we obtain an optimal molecular weight, that optimises an efficient movement of the product into the phloem taking the elements to wherever the growth is taking place, even immobile elements like Manganese.

Conventional foliar nutrients: Plants have to expend energy and time to break them down, passively letting small amounts into the leaf by diffusion.


Features of AMIX Technology:

  • AMIX formulations have consistently proved effective at lower temperatures.
  • It is absorbed into the leaf within minutes by active uptake; not passive diffusion.
  • Active uptake at the leaf surface facilitates lower application rates compared to less sophisticated products.
  • It demonstrates improved translocation of lower mobility elements (e.g. Manganese).
  • It has excellent compatibility in tank-mix.
  • It will benefit other tank-mix partners improving performance; fungicides etc. through plant strengthening. (NTU 2016 for Horizon 2020).
  • It consistently produces yield responses in the absence of elemental deficiency.
  • It aids the decision-making process for the prophylactic use of micronutrients.
  • AMIX formulations contain humectants to preserve droplet lifetime.
  • Enhancement of tank-mix partners is consistent and can facilitate reduced pesticide usage.
  • Improved activity in low temperatures – can be used earlier in the spring.
  • Reliable in all conditions.
  • Crop safe - reduced leaf scorch.