Multi N is a cutting-edge unique foliar applied nitrogen fertiliser formulated with Urea Thiosulphate Technology, sourced from Bio Available Sulphur and Ammoniacal Nitrogen. It is safened by a proprietary formulation of binding agents and surfactants to provide an instant boost of nitrate and protein as well as slower released nitrogen, perfect for application on leaf and to satisfy every need of the crop.

In a few words:

  • A unique high efficiency Liquid Nitrogen for foliar application
  • An exclusive formula for active leaf uptake with access straight to the phloem
  • A source of multiple forms of Nitrogen to satisfy every need of the crop
  • A source of rapidly biologically available Sulphur
  • The perfect combination of humectants, surfactants and spray retention agents which is uniquely optimised for foliar application

When and why use Multi N?

Foliar nitrogen application with Multi-N delivers nitrogen which will be at least 85% uptake efficient and therefore makes it ideal for the following uses:

  • As a foliar replacement for nitrogen application in cereal and vegetable crops,with the ability to reduce inputs by up to 35%
  • As a foliar application for use in protein building in wheat crops 
  • As a foliar application for use in oil building in canola (OSR) crops mid flower to petal fall
  • As a foliar application for regular feeding of sport turf and amenity grass species to again reduce N inputs by up to 35% per season

How does it work?

Multi N is currently the only liquid source of nitrogen designed specifically for a foliar application. Where most other competing products on the market are liquids that were reajusted for a foliar application, during the development of Multi N, every step, every aspect was considered for an optimised use.

Multi N Infographic




1. Multi N  a unique, high tech formulation containing three forms of Nitrogen (Ureic, Ammoniacal and Nitric):

The nitrate in Multi N provides an instantly available source of Nitrogen to the leaf where it is sprayed.

Multi N comes under a unique thiosulphate form that has an inhibiting effect on the nitrification of the ammonia into crop available nitrate.

1.The ammonia break-down time is increased

2.Giving the time to the crop to decide where to allocate it

3.And transport it through the Xylem and the Phloem to the places it is most needed wherever growth is taking place.

Multi-N also has a highly useful ability of Nitrogen loading.

1.In the autumn when perennial crops are preparing for dormancy or biannual crops are preparing for overwintering

2. The crop will transport the Nitrogen to the lower stem or stem base and convert it into a nutritional carbohydrate source where they are stored for later use as sugars in the spring.

3. The Carbohydrates can then be converted back into usable energy within the plant and used for accelerating early growth in the following season.


2. Multi N also provides a rich source of Biologically available sulphur.

The key to an efficient growth and yield: an adequate quantity and ratio of nitrogen and sulphur. Many plant proteins are formed of amino acids that are rich in Sulphur.

The thiosulphate component offers a vital source of bio-available Sulphur for immediate incorporation into S-rich amino acids which are key components of grain protein.The crop uses to form Amino Acids and Peptides very rapidly. Even more readily used by the plant than simple Sulphates.

A protein boost for the crop that no other source of Liquid Nitrogen provides.

3. Intimate contact with the leaf for active uptake

Multi N contains polymers from the same group of compounds as the leaf wax, creating intimate contact between the liquid and the leaf and allowing the absorption of the content of the droplet by rapid diffusion.

1.As it gets into contact with leaf surface, the polymers are repelled by the wax on the leaf

2. They move to the outside of the droplet and forms a skin to protect the product from volatilization and rapid drying in high temperatures.

3. Creating intimate contact between the liquid and the leaf, the content of the droplet is absorbed by diffusion and rapidly translocated to wherever growth is taking place


4. The perfect combination of humectants, surfactants and spray retention agents which is uniquely optimised for foliar application

An optimal combination of plant friendly Surfactants, Lignin salts and Glycols:

  • A Bigger proportion of optimally sized droplets (between 50 and 250 microns)
  • High droplet retention on the leaf: up to 97% of the material stays on the leaf
  • A perfect hemispherical shape for maximum uptake, and droplet lifetime.

Plants only take in materials that are in solution; so slowing the droplet drying time on the leaf is critical. Multi-N keeps delivering Nitrogen through the leaf for 10 minutes longer than other Foliar N products

  • Natural Humectants in the Multi N formulation slow the drying time by around 30% compared to other products
  • The Polymers skin on the Multi N droplet further helps slow the drying time by a further 30%....
  • Excessively rapid absorption leads to cell overload and scorch damage

In conventional Foliar Nitrogen products, leaf scorch is a major issue due to ammonia volatilisation

  • The Multi N formula is extremely stable and is absorbed more readily by the leaf
  • The Polymers stop the droplet from drying too rapidly, releasing little to no ammonium this protects the leaf

How much water is required to Apply Multi N?

One of the advantages of Multi-N is that it can be applied in restricted water volumes with conventional crop sprayers achieving high work rates:

  • 80 to 120 litres of water per hectare to achieve good coverage in most cereal crops
  • Higher water rates can encourage deeper canopy penetration and run-off.
  • In Sportsturf 200-300 litres per Ha will cater for the higher rates of application.

Don’t Over-dilute Multi-N or it loses its anti-scorch properties. (1 litre in 30L of water is the absolute safe limit)

Multi N Dos and Donts

  • Do: Use Multi N when there is enough leaf and ground-cover to absorb the product
  • Don’t: Waste it spraying on the soil (Although it will work better perhaps than other soil applied liquid fertilisers, and it can be used in fertigation)
  • Don’t: Spray in direct sunlight and temperatures over 20C
  • Do: Apply Multi N early in the morning or in the evening
  • Do: Make tank mixes with compatible pesticide products, and other crop care products
  • Don’t: Make tank-mixes with products based on solvents, or other products known to be risky for leaf scorch. (Jar test for physical compatibility)
  • Do: Apply at high rates and in low water volumes (safety is good)
  • Don’t: Over-dilute Multi-N or it loses its anti-scorch properties. (1 litre in 30L of water is the absolute safe limit)
  • Do: Use acidifying water-conditioners in hard water areas
  • Don’t: Use with any products that are highly alkaline.
  • Do: Apply to healthy crops with well-waxed leaves
  • Don’t: Apply to crops following heavy rainfall as this de-waxes the leaves.
  • Do: Use Multi-N to boost low temperature growth at 5-10C
  • Don’t: Apply within 2 days of a frost, or if a frost is imminent